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Civil Litigation

Maryland civil litigation is a broad category of law that includes civil lawsuits of many different types. Civil lawsuits are typically for money damages but can also seek equitable relief in the form of an injunction or a court order. Civil lawsuits do not send defendants to jail. In other words, civil lawsuits seek civil remedies, not criminal penalties. The two sides of a civil lawsuit are the plaintiff, the person who files the lawsuit, and the defendant, the person who is the target of the lawsuit.

Personal injury lawsuits and negligence cases are among the most common civil lawsuits in Maryland. In personal injury cases a plaintiff’s lawyer will typically sue for money damages on behalf of someone who was injured. Personal injury lawsuits typically seek money damages to pay for things such as medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. In the typical Maryland personal injury lawsuit, the defendant is represented by his insurance company and their lawyer.

Civil litigation can also refer to other types of lawsuits and legal disputes. Lawsuits can arise in landlord-tenant relationships, employer-employee relationships, neighbor relationships, business dealings, and in other areas. The basis for most other types of civil lawsuits is usually either negligence or contracts law.

Generally speaking, civil lawsuits are about money. Civil litigation has its roots in business and in economics.  It’s a fact that most civil lawsuits in Maryland are not settled by having full trials. Trials are time-consuming, inefficient, and do not always yield predictable outcomes. Most civil cases in Maryland are settled out of court. In the day to day practice of law, civil litigation typically involves more that just filing motions or representing clients in court. Negotiation and collaboration both play an essential role in handling civil lawsuits.

Attorney Matthew Baum represents clients in civil lawsuits in Maryland and the District of Columbia. His approach to handling civil matters is to vigorously but tactfully advance his clients’ goals at the bargaining table and in the courtroom. If you have been injured through no fault of your own, have been fired from your job for an illegal reason, or have seen your business or property damaged as a result of someone else’s actions, call Matthew Baum for a free consultation. He can be reached at (410) 929-3435.