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Maryland Driving Points and MVA Points FAQ

Maryland Traffic TicketsIn Maryland, drivers who are convicted of moving violations and serious traffic offenses such as DUI and Driving Suspended, are awarded points on their drivers licenses. Just like the game of golf, points are bad things. You don’t want points. Points can add up to trigger serious Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) actions such as license suspension and license revocation. At the same time, MVA points can significantly impact a driver’s insurance rates. Accumulated MVA points are regularly reported to insurance companies. Drivers with points can count on paying more and more in insurance premiums over time. In general, points are best avoided whenever possible.

The law concerning MVA points
  • Points are effective for two years from the date of the infraction –not the date of the trial.
  • Points are assessed at the time the driver is convicted.
  • Maryland Probation Before Judgment does not cause points to be awarded. Probation before judgment is not a conviction.
  • Points are assessed only for the charge that carries the highest number of points.
  • The accumulation of three Maryland driving points triggers an MVA warning letter.
  • The accumulation of five Maryland driving points will likely trigger a points conference.
  • The accumulation of eight Maryland driving points will likely trigger a suspension.
  • The accumulation of 12 Maryland driving points will likely trigger a revocation.

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