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Family Law

Family law concerns matters such as marriage, divorce, separation, civil unions, adoption, and the ongoing business of custody and support for minor children. Family law cases are heard in Maryland’s Circuit Courts. In Circuit Court, many family law cases are first heard by Masters in Chancery, lawyers appointed to hear cases and then suggest final orders to sitting Circuit Court judges. Attorneys who represent people in family law cases typically charge for each hour they spend working on a client’s matter. Most family law attorneys require clients to prepay a certain number of hours before they will begin representation. This prepaid amount is commonly called a retainer.

It’s important to understand that most family law matters begin by presenting the opportunity for negotiation and collaboration with the opposing party. As you select a Maryland family law attorney, you should consider whether or not that attorney is committed to advancing your goals in negotiations, or is determined to litigate every last point of contention. In family law matters, a fight at all costs approach is often a recipe for disappointment and a big lawyer bill.

Attorney Matthew Baum is licensed to practice law in Maryland and the District of Columbia. He is committed to handling family law cases in an efficient, practical, and goal-driven manner. If you need assistance with a family law matter please call (410) 929-3435. Matthew Baum’s articles and posts concerning family law issues can be found at Baum Law Offices Family Law Posts.