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Accepted payment methods for retainers and fees include cash, check, Visa, and MasterCard credit cards and debit cards. Payments can be received in person during the business day at the Columbia Office or by mail at any office address. Payments can also be received by using the secure online credit card processing link below.

Payments submitted via this web page are handled securely and in accordance with the Maryland Rules of Professional Conduct. Fees paid by credit card are received into Baum Law Offices, LLC’s IOLTA (lawyer’s trust) account and are held there until earned or refunded. Fees paid by credit card are not subject to additional charges, service charges, or any other premium. The expense associated with any transaction submitted through this website is born solely by Baum Law Offices, LLC.¬†Call (410) 929-3435 for more payment information or to submit your payment by phone.

Credit Card Payment